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Our story starts with every family, which is surrounded by home food. 
  • As most families, there is nothing better than home food. But what makes it so delicious? It’s simple.

  • Good Produce.

  • We get delicious home food when the best vegetables/meat/spices are used. The flavors intensify, your body gets all the good from nature and sustainable farming is no longer something on your ‘Wishlist’.

  •  From ‘Farm to the Kitchen’, we ensure the supply chain is managed meticulously empowering farming communities and authentic quality certified organic products are delivered straight to your kitchen.

  • How Ashar started was simple. 'Ashar' a Hebrew name which means 'to go forward' or 'to progress' reminds us of our vision to always look to the future, for humanity and environmentally.

  • We discovered the importance of good produce.

  • We bring food that is grown right, feels right, makes our Earth right, delivered straight to your kitchen and most important, tastes right.

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