Ten sachets of nature’s energy drink in a box, easy and practical for the on-the-go-you!


Just add one 12gm sachet to 200ml of cool water and stir, its that simple!

Carry PalmDew on the go and stay hyderated anytime, anywhere.

PalmDew in a box!

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  • PalmDew is made with 100% real tender coconut water and natural sugar. We just took out the heavy coconuts that would also clutter up the house.


    Tender coconut water in powder form also increases its shelf life, so one wouldn’t have to worry about it going rotten or rushing out in the heat to find a coconut walla!


    We understand the stigma behind making natural products in powder form, so let us ease your mind with a simple explanation of the process:


    • Coconuts are harvested when they are at the peak of nutritional content and taste.
    • The tender coconut water is then evaporated to leave the coconut extracts, through a spray drying technique. [The spray drying technique is one we found to be the best in keeping the taste and nutrition intact.]
    • We then add some electrolytes and some minerals for some added goodness.
    • Then the cane sugar is added and we use cane sugar to keep PalmDew an all-natural product. [As nature provides so much goodness, why not use it?]
    • The powder is now ready to have water added to revert back to tender coconut water.


    As you see, the process only takes nature and dries it into a practical and convenient form.


    Let us bring nature’s wonders straight to you without the bad stuff. Just what is natural and sensible.

    *Like all powdered drinks, add water according to your taste.


    Weight 120 g
    Dimensions 10.5 x 8 x 4.5 cm